Das fuhrer Donald Trump returns with a vengeance

In a closed door speech Saturday April 10th, 2021,

thus far, he accumulated $85 million so far.

* * * * * * * * * *

The glory of Republican Party

once again heats up at Mar-a-Lago resort,
where agitation poised to strike on the brink

presidential election 2024
jabbering incites gotcha -

ha ha ha, he heinously cackles

humiliation, nauseation, repudiation...
(courtesy Taj Mahal size erected gonads)


goads desecration as fete accompli chink

in hammered dented armor

of Democratic rubric, constituting:

capitalistic ethic, generic iconoclastic,

kinetic magnetic opportunistic quixotic

socialistic universalistic webbed world,
nor budging an inch when

manipulated masses swallow


his electric kool aid acid drink
what tha huff huck, –

this belligerent, dominant and
fervent hellraiser doth bungle in the jungle
decreeing tacit Marshall law

fast as a shutterfly eyewink
as his cosmic crotch grab

doth put Venus under his sway
with his Mercury hill temperament


pitches the orbit of planet Earth

tubby comb out of balance
infected by hiz anti Jupiter

damnations, excoriations, fulminations
Huzzah sing how whiz derriere

didst Saturn simultaneously
crushing crucible as an Uranus

indiscriminately plopping


two hundred fifty pounds of blubbery flesh
dub ling down humming his favorite Neptune

that dost affect Pluto hoc crass sea

repeating a self coined motto –

I yam almighty, therefore no fink

simply commandeering the reins of control,
a one man military intelligence groupthink

hut triad and true dyed in the wool

rip pug in ant guise zing rogue

rejoicing tuff fool, governing and hoodwink
king the die hard fans of dictatorial,

linkedin and monarchist ink
cube bus thriving on

wielding indomitable aggression
practiced in the Art of the Deal

incorporating an unanticipated jink
iron fist rule reigning down vis a vis


pro pens heave lee and prop hen city
flashing hiz seal of approval,

which scribbled signature
doth not smooth monkey

serve hay puzzling kink

boot his frenzy to bulldoze

catastrophic, formulaic, and illogic

spells these United States of America

twill become hell

in a handbasket worth repeating

with nary a trace of the grit of link

kin, the sixteenth president,

(whose ruggedly pioneering frontier existence)
found him steady and strong,

plus soft hearted as pelt o’ mink
the epitome of former forty fifth

elected commander in mischief.



  • GON

    truly a genius political commentary and not an irrelevant farce

  • L. B. Mek

    the very title and picture included in this work exemplifies just how successfully we have allowed the narrative of politics to segregate and exploit divisions of hate between our fellow humans, exactly where do we think this will all end, if we continue to let totalitarian liberalism oppress us?
    In a time when unity is needed most, where population growth is threatening our extinction ahead of nature's wrath, we give ever-diminishing space for the logic of the centre to prevail...
    why must we go from conservative archaic mindsets of blind fear to any form of change, to its extreme opposite of leftist zealotry where facts and reason are side-lined in the face of emotional tribalism?
    how: in this age of globalised exchange of information do we allow ourselves to be corrupted and manipulated with such ease?
    when are we going to understand, the more we perpetuate this message of division that the media profits from, we dictate a future where generation's are born into the same rhetoric of divisive hate...
    when will we ever end this cyclical nature for self-destruction, what - a century too long between world wars?
    we need a few million more soldiers dead to re-realise democracy is our escape from that to-from of conquerors and their legacies of conquered sandhill dreams?
    truly, I just can't understand
    the very reason that caricature puppet gained legitimacy is by the media cornering half of its own nation with belittling and defamatory headlines, day after day?
    exactly what is the point of this pantomime villain finger pointing antics we are buying into?
    cause it makes us feel better to point and laugh like the world is our schoolyard play ground and bullying is ok as long as its not done to us or those we care about?
    what is this endless need for depthless regression we are questing, why?
    because if we don't, 'they' will take over?
    are they not also part of your nation, instead of demonised and marginalising should we not be striving for a middle ground of preservation, to that ideal of democratic conversation, between all and for all!
    just so sad, to witness us retrace those steps to division and hate
    yes Trump is at fault! but we Fuel his very legitimacy by spewing all this collective hate for a political party, that consists: of as many diverse members as there is - in your very own chosen party, so why is it ok for us to do so?
    I agree completely, we must Fight, against whatever underhanded divisive methods Trump and those minority in his party, want to utilise to force their archaic mindsets upon us, but
    we can not allow them to corrupt our very sensibility's and submit willingly to the realisation of that segregated existence they want to manifest into our everyday reality.
    Democracy must value unity and respect for humanity: above all ese, or else why bother to pretend?
    Let's just wage wars like our forefathers did, let our fate's be decided by weapons of mass destruction, that's where all this biased rhetoric is headed anyway
    I mean why else did my own UK government just order MORE nuclear weapons last month
    retracting their promise to REDUCE the stockpile they already had...
    yeah, its just opinions and words, sure: let's not overreact, what do we care anyway
    we won't be around to see it all burn to the ground, right?
    Just so sad, how unbelievable pathetic we allow ourselves to be...

  • Barry Hodges

    Der F├╝hrer (note the umlaut on the U, not der not das, note the capital F) please. People who speak not a word of German should think before they use German words.

    The rest of it is rubbish, although you mean well.

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