I want to become a cloud

I want to become a cloud and rise into the sky 

then fall as rain onto the land where I belong 

I could be like a flower moving away from the tender grass 

drifting dreamily , changing into a star 

standing still , moving into cotton wool light- heartedness 

sitting in blue

rain would arrive into my centre 

and then I would fall to the ground 

where I started , as a flower on the grass 


I want to change like a caterpillar into a butterfly 

sitting on the petals of a flower 

raindrops on a leaf 

sitting on the grass 


I want to become a cloud and rise into the sky 

then fall as rain onto the land

I could be like a changing caterpillar 

a butterfly finding my way 

rising like the stem of a petal and then into the bark of a tree 

growing lovely leaves and touching the serene sweet sky 


I want to become a cloud 

green grass floating upwards 

snowdrops rising into the sky 

to the home I wish to live 


 I could be granted wishes from a friendly fairy she could allow me to lift like a balloon 

easily drifting without an effort in the world 

to a place of my wishful dreams 


I know I want to become a cloud 

because there I will be a lighthearted cotton wool collection of peace 

and there I will stay , white like a dove 

until my internal world shifts, naturally 

a rainy rainbow river collecting inside of me 

I know it's a natural part of me as a new happy cloud 

where I once was on the grass 

so I just let the internal river flow within

to fall like serene blue raindrops , back onto the green grass 



a balloon drifts to the ground 

a butterfly turning back into a comfortable caterpillar 

where I will rise and turn into a cloud , again 


or maybe this is it 

I'm now a part of the grass 

I've become at one with the grass 

invisible to the eye , but still here and having that wish to rise 

and live again as a cotton wool cloud  

drift again 

grow wings again 


But for now il just contend with being at one with the green grass 

like a happy caterpillar living amongst the green 

wishing , wanting , praying to be a cloud again 


will it happen 

we'l wait and see 


  • orchidee

    Good write Rose.

  • Goldfinch60

    Being at one with all forms of nature is so exhilarating yellowrose and may it always be so.


    • yellowrose

      Thanks Andy 🙂 yes , I love feeling connected to naturev

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