Joker Wood

I Love Being ‘Joker’

This is just something inspired by the video in this post
which is the actors of SKAM series
from France, Norwegian, and Italian version meeting and being together;
Showing Love, Peace, and Support for the fans and for one another.


I may have changed
which is shown in the second name
which is now ‘Wood’
which is better rather than something like ‘Good’.


The music and the scenes in the video evoke
happiness, joy, and LOVE from within me
which are connected to myself being A Joker in the first place;
The Reason, Purpose, Mission, and Goal...for me to be.


I became from that...initially
into a bit of a confused state,
Then with liking the colour ‘Brown’;
Different personality and whatever else are found.


I am still a bit conflicted though,
There was such a high vibration and everything and all
when it came to myself at first
because like...that’s my calling...that’s my call.


However, I still get attached and hold onto
the name ‘Joker’
because of the Smile, Love, and Laughter
and Fun too...I guess.


Where do I wanna go?
What Do I actually wanna be?
I mean...the current way that I live
involves only ‘brown colour’ and a ‘tree motif’.


The Joker stuff that I was so obsessed with?
I still have them...but somehow,
it feels like it was nothing more than a ‘phase’ that
I needed to go through and I have finished it...and now,
Now, it is time the real me to come through
to come forward...which is ‘A Tree Lover’
but still a giver of Love and Light;
No matter what...I AM ALWAYS A JOKER.


- Joker Wood

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