Generic germane groveling guy still wallows in Weltschmerz

Yours truly does readily confess

the following poem crafted more or less
approximately a year ago,

when coronavirus (COVID-19)

wrought havoc creating global mess

when panic against collective temple did press

a feeling of melancholy and world-weariness.


Along luscious green acres banks steep grade

(in close proximity to
Petticoat Junction) naturemade
Perkiomen Valley watershed,
verdant landscape displayed

yours truly, (a garden variety

proto human) arrayed


solely donning birthday suit,

whose fifty plus shades hair gone grayed,
i.e. one infinitesimal measly mortal

whiles away hours, laid

back days of his life as

the world wide web turns

comprising second decade


of twenty first century
civilization, where

coronavirus veritably waylaid
furlough afflicts populations feeling betrayed

entire fabric Homo sapiens staid
threadbare existence now best describes

chock full of endemic ennui proliferates,


where vast majority of people afraid

to leave their houses lest COVID-19 played

greater havoc, whereby society already upended

unemployment factor at record high since...

Great depression witnessed

courtesy somber parade,
ninety years ago benchmarked

from May 11, 2021,

an invisible oppressed heaviness weighed

down the madding crowds

aghast how stock market trade

hit rock bottom making paupers,

ill fate clobbered breadwinners

circumstance none could evade


October 29, 1929 haint no charade,

when Black Tuesday hit Wall Street
bitta bing bitta bang bitta played

bitty bitty chitty chitty bang bang

linkedin with irrational exuberance portrayed

American economy supine splayed

versus March 11, 2020 characterized
coronavirus outbreak as pandemic

by the WHO subsequently signaling
Trump cited "fake news" and not dismayed

to expedite drastic measures

none would impede golf nor Mar-a-Lago

leisure him sipping lemonade

acid test tee zing 'bout quaffing electric kool-aid

without getting his doggy dimples in a bunch


he grudgingly complied and obeyed

purveyors (governors) and Anthony Fauci

complete United States government shutdown

approximately mid/late March 2020

which undertaking generated brisk business

grim reaper experienced

(still does) protracted heyday.




  • L. B. Mek

    'furlough afflicts populations feeling betrayed
    entire fabric Homo sapiens staid
    threadbare existence now best describes
    chock full of endemic ennui proliferates'..
    words that perfectly summarise this covid nightmare experience, for us lowly majority..
    while demonstrating the collective bravery and dignity that remains in the majority of humanity, for finding a way to navigate this potentially cataclysmic threat, to our very existence - let alone, 'way of life'..
    insightful and tempered commentary with historical context, a good read

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