Just For One More Night

I think about us kissing. Unmoored in the passion, laid in a bed of romance. Tonight I seen the land above the sky. So azure and bright. I thought I was in a dream, but I've never felt more awake. Feeling my emotions, I can't bare the sweet ache. I drink to numb the pain. Alone at midnight, I think I'm going insane. I'm falling from my lifeboats, coming undone. I unravel from the seams, from the solace, from the comfort I feel when I hear my mother. I try to be brave, nevertheless my tears are diamonds. I can taste the waterfall of fruit. I try and I try and even when I fail I refuse to give up, not until I have nothing left to give, not until I have no more strength in my body, but evidently I haven't tried hard enough. This addiction overcomes me, it suffocates me.

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