Please monk won't you help me find my way.

Dont you think about the same things as me what does it help to meditate. 

Not that I lack the patience, I waited too long  I felt 1000 years older trying wait with all my effort and the lack of change. 

With all that look down upon me I see why you choose a life of silence Their eyes mock me and turn my thoughts violent. 

Please help my find peace for my mind in return I'll give a peice of mine. 

A peice of advice treating people how I treat them is just way to nice. So all those you see life go ahead and cut those ties. 

most our lives our built on mistakes and lies, I dug a whole do deep and buried my emotions I place them there to hide. 

But the vault is over flowing lots of pain is left inside. it's just attacking my pride. 

Or the lack of my pride leaving me to question everything within. 

So I laugh it off digging deeper eventually I'll win. 

Is there truly a path to follow ? Don't Feed me drugs to numb the pain because reality is a hard pill to swallow. 

Im getting to old to to wish for a better tomorrow. I want today and everyday after that I'm sick of shortcomings and sitting with my  sorrow.

I'll sit in silence with myself who I hate the most. 

Change for the better one can only hope. 

Become something worth a good death as this pressure feels like a knife to my throat. 

Thank you for adversity I need that to grow. 

Monk wont you show me how and what you know.





  • L. B. Mek

    I say forget, the monk
    your very questioning is answering - away, all your doubts, to the very value: in worth
    of self, of others, of existence; who cares - anyway?
    just you do you, and with defiant pride - too
    maybe you'll be whispered the answers, or not,
    what matters: is that with each obstacle
    you choose to overcome, you exclaim - loud
    'this is me of today, and that's ok
    because today's me
    insures I survive, to greet
    that blank page
    of tomorrow's: possibility'...
    (a great read! thanks for sharing and inspiring my little scribbled reply)

    • Dakota

      Yo thank you that put things in perspective appreciate ✊🏽

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