Thomas J. Dooley



What is it in me that makes your perception of me

Why is including me just a means of excluding me

Is it I am not worthy of God's kiss because of this?


Dalits is how I feel buried under these feeling

I dream of peace, love, and purity

But no one sees that in me


The list of my faults are long

I check the long list to try to change them

But it is you that I wronged as my list goes on


Dalits is how I feel buried in the silence of unforgiven 

But asking forgiveness is just a sin

But this is how I know my place


No matter where I place my shoes, no matter where I sit

I look inside for my own forgiveness, but how do I do this

When anyone sees my struggles, they are pushed back on me


Dalits is how I feel buried under the sweeping of leftover life.

Living in the night always wrong, never right

Proudly claiming the last place inline


No matter what I do, it is never good enough

When done with some much care and love

Alone I hear the father's wisdom as the forgotten son.


Dalits is how I feel buried under blocks of guilt.

Used to build a wall of silence shut off from the guidance

The respect I give the respect I receive is like tasteless *sabjiyaan 


©Copyright Thomas J. Dooley 2021

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