I had a dream, appeared to be main stream, wonderful all agleam, it wasn't what it seemed


I saw the Earth in all it's glory, what I also saw told a chilling, eye opening story. I was looking at the Earth from afar, when I got closer it became very weird, bizarre. The Earth was in an entanglement, some people seemed to be fortunate while others were in torment. There was a lot of malcontent and lament but everyone looked pretty much disoriented.


There were millions of strands, which everyone was trying to climb, many refused to understand, they could tag Heavenly Hands which would keep them out of the shadow lands. As I watched all the faces, all the races, family and friends, trying their best to ascend, it made my hair stand on ends. There were flocks of people not flowing to but ebb, the Earth was surrounded by a real world wide web.


While watching the turmoil, the stress and the strife, I heard this web represents the many paths of life. All the strands were broad except one, few were trying it, where's the party, not much fun. Even though the broad would defraud, run roughshod they were looking at the well to do who had them awed. Shouting, well to do we'll follow you, we give you the glory and followed them straight into purgatory.


I was surprised, how the wide had them mesmerized, they looked easy to climb but they were falling big time. Thousands were stuck between strands, although they were reaching they still would not tag the Heavenly Hands. Millions were stuck, awestruck. horrified falling by the wayside, far too rough a ride, even committing suicide.


At first I was confused but stood accused, felt for years I'd been used. Then it hit me like a brick, cut to the quick. When you don't heed instruction you fall prey to seduction, wide is the path to destruction. Suddenly, it came into view, the true go to. The one like an arrow straight , very narrow. I saw a few climbing to the top struggling but climbing non stop. Even though it was a very thin strand, they were able to climb because they tagged The Heavenly Hands.


One peeped over the clouds, shouted I'm here Hallelujah, then disappeared. I felt kinda hollow cause that was hard to sallow but the rest soon followed. Without a doubt, I knew that was the only way out.


Made me jump out of my chair, no way that was a nightmare, Then am I losing my mind? It was daytime.


  • Author: Mil57Man (Offline Offline)
  • Published: April 21st, 2021 12:08
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