I sit wingless, gliding Within: instinct’s breeze

L. B. Mek

There is a path 

cushioned, upon nature’s scales

calling - while shunning

narrowing - while blossoming

with each passing Spring;


which birds – chirp, with such stifled falsettos

fleeing within manic off-beat flaps, 

what unyielding grip tightens from so-far – a reach

to choke-out: such a rasping mauling of daybreak’s ease.


Reminisced, peddles churning with whimsies abandon

circling, true freedom’s gigantic yard of childhood serenity

faster, at every turn as-if attempting to encircle

Time-itself, wrapped in youth’s laughter cadence: endlessly.


I sit squirming, fending-off ambition’s bite 

cracked fingers – unshackling, anxiety’s oppression 

of invading foreign distractions


open a page, begin 

incomprehensibly sparse abstracted, scribbling

of uncouth feelings 


hurling, frustration’s drafts to binned obstinacy 

sporadic meditation, enlisted as inspiration’s entreaty

until galvanised to try: yet again.


I sit, stilled 

mind's aimless wanderings

take aim 

at a new canvas 

less blank 

than others of its kin, 

ignited fingers


to trace out and give life


to these: here words

as testimony 

to us few, lost 

to Artistry’s 

treacherous fellowship of anchored - floating, 


to survive

our voracious passions

all-consuming waves.



© L. B. Mek 

June 2020


  • rebmasters

    An incredible outpouring of words - 'scribbling of uncouth words' reflects my own feelings. Brilliant

    • L. B. Mek

      yeah, lol! sometimes the veracity of our scribbled truth, outweighs what feeble poetic ambition we possess..
      really appreciate your overtly generous show of support dear poet, so glad you enjoyed the read, thank you!

    • Neville

      Hey L.B .. my two reviewing predecessors rebmasters and Teddy.15 each seem to have got their fingers on the pulse of todays offering ..
      and I aint even gonna attempt to argue with them because they are both write ...........another belter sir .. bravo


      • L. B. Mek

        Ahem, when words fail me my go-to is some Simpson's wisdom, thank you my treasured friend

      • Fay Slimm.

        Wow a simply breathlessly read - -- a first rate piece of writing L.B.

        • L. B. Mek

          awesome! glad to repay the favour dear Fay,
          for so many of your write's have left me breathlessly overwhelmed
          as my shameless legacy
          of word-drunk commentary on your own brilliant works: can attest, lol
          thank you

        • aDarkerMind


        • PrEm Ji

          A poem from an ignited mind,
          written with ignited fingers!

          • L. B. Mek

            'I see you recognise that flitting passion - imbedded
            within endeavours of artistic ambition
            if only after blinking back into reality
            we didn't forget those access keys to creativity's realms
            and are instead, left to lull
            until inspiration - deigns, to grace our path once again;
            forever wondering, will this be the last decent effort - I fake...'
            thanks for taking time to comment and support, dear poet

          • Quemis

            Wow. This is really something else.
            I cant put down exactly into words how this connected with me, but it did in a deep way.

            The suffering and joy of making something, the insistence of anxiety, and freedom from it -

            Just great. : )

            • L. B. Mek

              yeah, its one of my more personal scribbles
              and like you, while I understand my words, I can't seem to locate
              from where - within me, they escaped, lol..
              thanks for taking time to scroll back and read my earlier efforts
              how kind of you to use your valuable time like that
              what a wonderful gesture of kindness

              • Quemis

                You have done that so often for me, friend. : )

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