Buried Under Blue Feathers

The peacock is always three steps ahead

With glistening sapphires which capture the eye


While he held white muddled feathers

Which no one seemed to bother


Checking more than two steps behind

Just before where he’d rest


Buried in the shadows

Of the flowering tail-fan which dazzled them all


Blazing eyes stuck on it like tape

He’d always be on the sidelines


Even in the nest

Where mother would always ask


About what happened in the light

And never cared for the shadows


Even as he prayed she would

Care about the boring stories


Of the dove who wouldn’t fly away

Even through all of the shame


Because all watch in wonder

But don’t care where the dove ever flew


As the dove was used and discarded

So he could find validation


In the warmth of other wings

But it’d never suffice since


White feathers only make way for blue

As the shadows only grow


When three steps turn to five

As the dove stretches his wings


But nobody saw beyond the tail

That beauty sometimes was found in the dark


They didn’t see him fly

And they never cared where


  • blue sparkle

    Hi Shadow, it's Dreamer. Just finished reading this twice over, and have to say this piece is very impactful and colourful. I'm surprised you may have felt hesitant about sharing your work because you clearly possess a rich talent. I love the flowing rhythm like a river haha. Also, the majority of the time I find myself struggling to maintain the flames of a conversation so I enjoyed navigating through our lengthy discourse, it was quite therapeutic to speak with a fellow writer with good ears. I hope you don't give up writing poetry, it's a special artform and shows a sensitive side. Other than that I hope everything goes well for you in the future, be proud, and have a good sleep!

    • Shadow_hound2445

      Thank you for the kind words, I've become very fond of the craft. I'm hoping maybe I'll get to delve further in and hone the form as I continue. 😀

      • blue sparkle


      • orchidee

        Good write Shadow.

      • Liam Power

        Great first poem!
        I read it twice 🙂

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