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KINGDOM OF GOD (Short story)





It was a hot afternoon in November and we were standing near Tiruvalla Town Bus stand, that too sweating heavily after lunch.

‘Premji... Hotel owners are cheating the public like anything... We ordered for Arabian Biriyani... and what we were supplied was local Biriyani! Mere bones! Just a silly name can cost us a lot,’ my dearest friend, Gospel worker Samuel John couldn't hide anger.

‘That's called 'branding,’ Sam’

‘Stupid! This world will remain capitalistic until money dies... What to do!’

‘You have to visit his backyard... Once you do that, you will never ever step into any hotel’

‘You are right... but, we don't have any other choice.’

‘Sam... I have a dream... wherever we go, we will be able to get some food from any home... and some place to take rest.’

‘Then, every hotel in the world has to be closed down! It can happen, only in the Kingdom of God! A new world based on sharing and caring!’  Sam told in a pensive mood.


‘Daniel 7:27: And the kingdom and the dominion and the greatness of the kingdoms under the whole heaven shall be given to the people of the saints of the Most High; their kingdom shall be an everlasting kingdom, and all dominions shall serve and obey them......

Matthew 3:2: ‘Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.’ Dear folk... repent.,’ a sixty year old man standing at a lone corner of the bus stand started preaching sermon aloud through a megaphone addressing the passengers.

People moved around him as if nothing was happening around! Nobody cared him! Not even the flies settled on his curly beard could distract him even a single bit! He didn't need any reference, for the entire Bible was within his heart.

‘Sam... Who is that guy?’

‘Premji... don't you know him? He is Cheriyan Thomas... For the past thirty five years, he has been preaching sermon all over Kerala... He never cares whether it is raining... or hot Sun..or winter... Every day, he goes to a new place and preaches Bible the whole day... Some praise him... some curse... Some people make fun of him... and some others spit on him... But, nothing touches him..‘Premji... you and me... we work for our wife and kids... but, he works, day and night, only for God!’

‘Then, how can he support his family? Who will pay for his expenses?’

‘Praise the Lord! See Premji... Pathanamthitta is a Christian majority district in Kerala state. Tiruvalla Town is Christian settlement... and more than fifty different Christian gospel groups are active here... I am also one among them... but he is none among us!’

‘Sam... I have a simple question... You all believe in Jesus... me too... then, why can't we unite?’


A rich guy around forty stopped near Cheriyan Thomas and tried to hand him over a fresh currency note with a denomination of Rs. 100/-

He stopped preaching sermons for a minute.

‘Son, who are you?’ Cheriyan asked him politely.

‘I am Jaison George.’

‘Good... What do you do?’

‘I run a hotel here in Tiruvalla Town.’

‘Is this money the fruit of your 'righteous' hard work?’


‘Are you sure that this money is not the fruit of sin?’

‘What do you mean?’

‘That you never exploit your customers by charging too much... that you never exploit your laborers by paying less... that you never adulterate food for profits... that you never live without fearing God...,’ the preacher explained calmly.

Jaison George was silent for a minute.

‘Forgive me Son... Hunger is nothing new to me... I am not in a position to accept your money... I am sorry... Please try to lead a righteous life... May God bless you!’

‘This man must be crazy,’ Jaison George thought while walking away, totally confused.

The old man continued his gospel as if nothing had happened!


‘Premji... We have witnessed a great event... a live teaching by Jesus... how a believer lives up to the teachings of Jesus... It's impossible to find such a God loving and God fearing man! You know Premji... we all dream for... we all preaches for... we all await for the Kingdom of God... When that comes true... you know, what would be the position that the Lord would offer him?' Sam asked me.

'I have no idea!'

'I am sure, Cheriyan Thomas will be appointed as the ‘Collector of Pathanamthitta District’ or sometimes even more...  ‘Governor of Kerala State...,’’ Sam was really exhilarated!

‘Sam... Let me ask you something...'


'If it hurts your religious beliefs, forgive me in the name of Jesus...'

'Whatever it is, you tell me...'

'Sam... Is there any need of tax collectors and clergy in the Kingdom of God, where everyone is equal?’




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  • Published: May 2nd, 2021 00:38
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  • mahathi

    Real socialism we find in the God's kingdom.

  • PrEm Ji

    But, many clergymen are unaware of it

  • L. B. Mek

    ‘Stupid! This world will remain capitalistic until money dies... What to do!’..
    how we quickly - choose to forget
    that same 'Capitalism: in its organically devised - purest form'
    freed: entire Generations
    from assuming that life, was meant to be lived
    within the cyclical constraints of inherited circumstance
    conveniently interpreted as valid, consequence
    to foster that victim mentality
    we collectively hide behind, endlessly..
    (was it not those capitalism merchant's, that originally
    fast-tracked the break-down of an entire continents
    various forms of culturally accepted caste-system's
    by that flawed logic of ill-fated birth: alone?)
    'any tool, that services the evolutionary need of humanity
    will inevitably, be corrupted
    as a utility for showcasing those hidden elements
    of countless vices, we each harbour willingly'..
    so then, why waste our time
    raging, pointlessly against society's latest 'craze'
    adding to our collective demise;
    better I think
    to accept and 'Empathise', than 'Judge' and disown
    those very same humans, we like to project
    all our frustrations - towards..
    (what, do my words - read
    so foolishly unrealistic? maybe
    that's where the disconnect
    between those
    with 'curated' belief systems, lecturing
    impossibly judgemental, far-fetched ideal's
    and other's, who
    see the calamity, of crimson inked deeds
    manufactured into reality, with blind faith's: zealotry
    throughout humanity's pages, of blood-soaked history'...

    • PrEm Ji

      Thank you...

      “The world has enough for everyone's need, but not enough for everyone's greed.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

      • L. B. Mek


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