I have watched your flushed face;

handsome, troubled, meditating

on something I don't understand.


I have wondered if you are real

or something otherworldly I have conjured up.

There's a rare quality in your air & your grace.


I have beheld your bold beauty;

exquisite moments glimpsed in your electric eyes.

I would choose you. I want you to be free.


A risk I would take every time,

something sweet stirring in the soul.

I can forgive myself.


Transfixed by all that's beautiful,

you try to share it all with me.

You are real because I love you.


What if everything I am is bound up in another?


  • L. B. Mek

    'Transfixed by all that's beautiful,'
    'What if everything I am is bound up in another?'..
    I fear we are all suckers for Nature's prevalence
    for all-things: aesthetical decadent, my friend..
    such relatable doubt's: you've highlighted - brilliantly
    a great read!

    • rebmasters

      Thank you my friend. I feared it was too serious a poem. Thoughts getting in the way of feelings

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