Love Is A Fever Dream

Young heart fresh, we're out of control. Young heart fresh, never felt so old. So wanna never stop, wanna never give it up. Feel the blood rush, feel it. Feel the night rush. Separate the bone from the marrow. Babe, this is how my bones were meant to be. I cut myself so I can bleed.

Never recovered from the night before, but I never wanna stop cause I always want more. I feel the life force swirl in the blur of it. Taste my sweat, taste my spit. Never vague, dance with brawn. Run the circuit, the heart's a home. In tangled dreams, when I'm alone. Love is a fever dream, my psyche knows.

There's no love. I'm looking for the antidote. Trapped in the blur, under cloudy skies, under willow trees. There's no love, trapped in the blue. Can you hear my screams?


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