In Our Temples

Drown out the ocean, open mouthed. Smile at transient rainbows, follow the glow of the sun to the end of the road. Tell me you'll miss me when I'm gone.  Far from home, overdosing on our love. Life has made me numb. 
Blow smoke into the sea. Blow the smoke back to me. 
Don't tell me I've changed when you don't know who I used to be. You were the one who tricked me into eating night berries when my lucky charm was broken. 
Listen to me cry in silence. Listen to my cry when it gets dark. Feel the pain, feel the pain.
Wake me up when the day is done. Tell me I'm someone you want to know. Open the door and let me through. Feel upside down with vertigo. Feel your empty pockets, when you're cold. I will make you feel warm. I will pour blood back into you. 
I will show you what it feels like to feel bliss in your soul. As the sunlight echoes on my skin I hide my eyes behind sunglasses.
Nothing is real anymore. I'm suffocating on the floor, holding onto my memories. I can't fake it, I won't pass the buck. I'm taking the blame. Fears will suffice in roses and moons. I know it, we are fire and ice. Secrets in crypts. I trusted you, believed your lies. Diamond tears in a white sky. 
Listen to me in ruptured dreams. I can't breathe. Listen to me in ruptured dreams. Listen to me in ruptured dreams.

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