I Only Ever Dream about Sex, Heartbreak, and Abandoned Buildings


Through a spinning ring of gold
Shifts a vision old
Unique with each rotation
Blurry, blue with mold

Places that I may have been
The how, the where, the when
Mystery and her finding
The pain, and then, again

The words I could have chosen
In this timeline or that
Inserting of a whisper
Diversion of a spat
An extra dose of gratitude on each step down the path
May chance make a different man
Less fear,
and pray,
Less wrath

What saturated dreams did spin in ocher band unreached?
Sharp and sure and promising, 
Fulfillment I beseech

But watch now as the time goes on,
The dreams as you wake fade,
Never was a wealthy man,
My lot lay in the shade

  • Author: Quemis (Offline Offline)
  • Published: May 12th, 2021 22:04
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  • L. B. Mek

    'Inserting of a whisper
    Diversion of a spat
    An extra dose of gratitude on each step down the path
    May chance make a different man
    Less fear,
    and pray,
    Less wrath'..
    (thank you for inspiring my tirade below, I'm really sorry dear poet
    your words hit home and my keyboard: just exploded)..
    aren't, we all mere imitations of toy-soldier, boys: at play, at this point...
    generations of male's who, pointedly refuse! that passage
    into stoicism's Arctic manhood, where awaits - naught
    but our ironical self-betrayal
    of innate warmth and whimsical independence;
    while media's 'woke'ness, dictates we're just broken-record whining
    environmentally nurtured sorry-excuses of stunted-pulse - dissociation
    with our reality,
    demeaned into realm's of irrelevance
    because those same genetic traits that helped 'protect'
    the weak within humanity, in our evolutionary path
    to realising our current - civilised, status
    are suddenly, no longer needed, no time given to adjust
    just used as figureheads for that convenience of 'assumed blame'...
    since muscled fists are now conveniently replaced
    by 'light trigger' purse sized, handguns..
    and the sweat, blood and sacrifice of millions of history's soldiers
    are now replicated
    by a click, of a big red button raining, nuclear warheads
    with indifference's zeal for blood thirsting nihilistic, self annihilation
    without need of after-story consequences
    of shell shocked, combat Earned, PTSD's: suffering
    tainting our society's, oh so Vogue aesthetics...
    and the worst part, the Depressingly crippling Truth
    is that we did it all to ourselves
    by ignoring the unique feminine wisdom of womanhood's, irreplaceable
    Nature tethered, spirituality traits for balancing-out
    our chauvinistic, adrenaline junky high chasing, escape
    from all that sensuality, love, humility and empathy
    our forefather's tragically deemed: so unnecessary...

    • Quemis

      Wow - there is a lot here.

      I am so moved that my work pulled this from your depths! Although you say a lot here, and I don't know if I fully understand it, the fact that I inspired such passion is nothing short of amazing.

      You have been so supportive of my work on this platform, and I am super grateful for it.

      I agree that we could all use a bit more feminine energy in our lives. Desperately at that.
      When it comes to past biological realities of sex and human nature - I find that topic to be extremely complex, nuanced, and hard to pin down. I wonder if it isn't something that is inherently unsolvable, and will continue to be a branch of science for generations to come.

      But still - there is obviously something to our nature, even if we cant see all of it, and I do often feel like the way we live now is in-congruent with some of those invisible necessities. I couldn't put it down in words - but seeing ourselves as destined conquerors of this planet is not doing us any favors, and is in fact killing us.

      Thank you, thank you, thank you.

      : )

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