Until Then

your childish games, leave me no pain
someday I hope you see, what it feels to be free
until then , I am sorry my friend
your bitter your sour, over your head isn't sprinkles 
it showers
the age you should be , is not what I see
yet lonely and scared, your life isn't fair
it is what you make, its your own happiness to take
so set the blame, go ahead ignite the flame
is this what you want, a life where you live where you haunt
the actions at play, the words that you say
I hope you can see, the fool your making out to be
so bitter so cold
but when the days seem all the same, when everything seems real lame
when your not just lonely your alone, when all you hear is the voice of your own tone
when there's no where else for you to turn, when there's no ones attention to be yearned
when everyone is passing by
nothing but looks
when there's no reason to ask why, when at the end of the day
no one hears a word you say
lonely and scared is what you feel, but life is nothing but truly real
so on that day that you really encounter
I hope in your mind you will really ponder 
the person that I can see
is so much less than you could be


  • L. B. Mek

    a wonderful message
    thanks for sharing

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