Jo March

Wishes for the New Year 2021

I know it has been a long while since I've posted, but here is a poem I wrote at the beginning of the year for New Year's Day. I hope you will enjoy it. 


I wish you everything, my own beloved world 

On this delightful New Year’s Day 

I wish you everything my soul is too full of...

I wish you rays of pancake suns

To play hide and seek on snowflake lawns 


I wish you rose-blue showers and spring hail 

To drop down blessings and fervent prayers

For everything that’s dream-like, warm and kind

To enter our lives in record time 

For love to triumph and to reign...


For gold-combed waves in champagne bursts 

To bring home salty-salmon shells 

For gurgling springs to quench the thirst

For echoes of blue Christmas bells 

For everything and nothing...


For tight embraces and shining faces

For delightful gifts in lace-like wrappings 

For distant ruby and sapphire stars 

Falling bubble-like on hot soft palms

For cricket songs in tear-blanketed grass


I wish for views from bridges in latte fog

And cries of pilgrim seagulls on the sparkling foam

I wish you fair winds from east to north to west

For happiness and innocence to bless and warm 

For love to surround you with wholehearted greetings


For echoing stillness and heavy thunder 

For light and dark and the wonder in between

I wish for angels between earth and heaven

To comfort and rock you my beloved world 

Support you in defeat and bless in glory 


I wish for sunny places and spots of shade

For solitary walks and crowded rooms 

For every feeling on life’s rainbow palette

For children’s laughter beneath smiling skies 

This and so much more, beloved world 


I wish you in the year to come 

Bless you… 














  • Trenz Pruca

    Happy New year to you too. I wich the same for you. Thank you.

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