L. B. Mek

distilled, Posture


To what purpose

till what need

how low must hope diminish

succumbing, to our fears


feet incumbent of each weary stumble, we’ve titled: progress

fingers trailing in scuffed remnants, of unhealthy stubbornness

eyes glistening - suppressing, windswept volcanic emotions

breath stuttering – overwhelmed, by our lung’s stagnant despair


regressive regret aimlessly deluding reactionary remorse

divisive depictions viciously reverting dreamed delusions

words cacophonous, to no avail

mining meaning in rumbustiously rhythmic, hollow: words


suffering, needs no meter or foot-tapping rule

all-of-time bears witness to our collective legacy - of rue

my journey too, an evolutionary echo of well-rehashed failings

like youthful ignorance mistaking refugee status – for home comfort's…


Till whose whistle do we continue, smiling

Bulldozing our way through, tear-stained regret


Is our backbone, permanently crippled

Curving further, generation after wasted generation.



Will we utilise accountability’s, innate potential

for introspection fuelled:




© L. B. Mek

June 2018



  • Fay Slimm.

    This impressive disclosure of reasons for keeping hurt inside deserves to be published and read to a much wider audience - first rate finalé which raises much food for thought on mental issues.

    • L. B. Mek

      I agree dear Fay,
      we need to share the normalcy in seeking help
      for the logical wear-and-tear
      that hinders our mental health, at times
      just like our physical annual check-ups
      if we remove the stigma attached to mental issues
      maybe a day comes, when we all get a mental check-up
      and it too - primitively, thwarts issues
      allowing us to manoeuvre past the scarier ailments..
      (thanks for the supportive comment, glad you enjoyed the read)

    • Teddy.15

      once again you have made your stand and your great speech, i can only eccho what dear Fay has said, i hope with all my heart you find a way of sharing this one with the world. a magnificent yet humble peice of poetry.

      • L. B. Mek

        I'm not sure how much of your enjoyment of my scribbles
        are due to your kindness, but humbly
        I thank you!
        for your revitalising words of support
        dear, empathetic Poet ūüėä

      • PrEm Ji


        Will we utilise accountability’s, innate potential

        for introspection fuelled:


        I would like to publish some of your works in our literary journal...

        • L. B. Mek

          so glad you connected with the read, my friend..
          I lack the eloquence to express my gratitude - in full
          so I'll humbly, wholeheartedly: thank you
          for your very kind words of encouragement

        • aDarkerMind

          will the powers that be ever dig deep enough to fully understand just how serious the world of mental health really is?
          I wonder!
          a fine write L B Mek;

          • L. B. Mek

            I doubt it, like all things
            if they do recognise its existence: their main objective
            is to distil, its exploitative elements and insure
            they\'re the ones utilising it for their own, prosperity..
            expecting empathy, from the 'powers that be'
            is tantamount to expecting mercy
            from a deranged, glutinously barbaric - beast..
            (thanks for the insightful comment dear poet)

          • Goldfinch60

            That change must be within us all to move on into a better life.


            • L. B. Mek

              yeah I agree Andy, of all things
              change that proactively effects our mental health
              must: originate from within.. still,
              we should encourage the utilisation of helplines
              and general help/counselling, to aid
              peoples journey of self-healing and or betterment

            • Neville

              some words need to be shouted from mountain and roof tops wherever they might be ..

              and from where they might provide a balcony from which to be heard ..

              • L. B. Mek

                'some words, need
                to be shouted
                from mountain peaks and roof tops
                so whenever they be heard
                they'll provide, someone
                A balcony
                from which their comeback story
                can begin, its Poetic journey ..'
                (know, these words of wisdom you share
                are appreciated
                much more than you can ever imagine
                my friend)

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