The Good Ones

For twenty years we fought.
How did we last so long?
We would have lost the war,
had it not been for them.
So we can't leave them out to rot.
Did we not learn,
from Vietnam?
After twenty years we still lost.
It's amazing how,
we lasted so long,
and yet still we treated,
those who helped us wrong.
I know there are mixed feelings.
Many soldiers just want,
to move on with their lives.
I wasn't there.
Still I understand,
but we can't leave our friends behind.

Doesn't lessen
Sense of guilt

seems we`ve been in war for 200 years
many have died,while many have shed tears
carrying flowers to a loved ones grave
tell me who did we save...

The greatest treason
is not against governments
but against people.

the good ones are the ones who love you for who you are,like my husband,who loves me even from afar.i love him so much,i can't help but yearn for his touch.

Walking in the park
your hand in mine town clock struck
a moment well played
performed magnificently
on the harp of an angel.

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