I'm Done

It’s funny how people change
They become so fake, so monstrous, so enraged
It takes two, not one, so who's really to blame
It amazes me the true colors of a snake
So beautiful, yet piercing the heart like a wooden stake
I find it a little funny
People only wanted me around for my money
I’m done holding my tongue
Because I’m not the only one in the wrong
I was there through thick and thin
Now that things are different, people try to get under my skin
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt
I’ve opened my eyes now, I can see more clearly, more alert
I was never the “best friend” 
I was just the supplier until the thrill came to an end
I’m done wishing the best for people who can’t wish it for me
I’m done trying to be good to those who itch me like a flea
I’ve held on to my words for as long as I can remember
My hearts turning as cold as a night in late december
This poem is for my personal use
I’m sick and tired of the mental abuse
I can live without someone who doesn’t need me
But they can’t accept the fact that they are now a memory
For I’m not the only one who had a change of heart
I tried to fix it, but they just continue to tear me apart

Stephanie Davis
May 2021


  • jarcher54

    You hit the nail on the head with "This poem is for my personal use." Yes, you share it, we experience it, but it's YOUR business, your confession, your declaration, your anthem. Thanks for sharing YOUR poem!

  • myself and me

    Good for you. The only consequence to be friend with a snake is to be poisoned to death.

    • StephanieAnn

      Exactly! I've had enough of the mental games. I've said my peace and have moved on.

      • L. B. Mek

        friend Or *family*
        and yes, I too, totally agree!
        patience is a gift: to be earned
        not wasted, on the Wilfully Ignorant!!!

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