L. B. Mek

Look, to our lighthouse of love


Strong winds muscle through dreary smoke

from hissing steam engines, unveiling

a young, beauty - rooted

on a platform of love’s train tracks, staring

at quicksand carriage steps that’s frozen her lover, still


beside them a modern-day Charon, beckons

more youthful souls to that doomsday train

eager for their embattled generation to traverse

those fateful rivers and ferry, evermore

untainted hands, to warring hells of Normandy.


“Do not freight my dear” her screamed whispers, begin

“for - forever, I shall remain waiting

do not lose sleep, over wasteful concerns

you just sharpen those senses of survival

that will bring you back, to my side;

when loneliness comes for you, recall

our disastrous first encounter

that face-planted waltz, by the river

and those frozen nights, we set ablaze

entwined: in our heated embrace.”


Untimely, shrieking whistles - cut sharply

through that platform cocoon

of despairing ears, as hurried goodbyes

exclaimed loud: their defiance

at the wake, of once inseparable hearts.


Staring with untamed horror

at her Shelley’s - forsaken wild eyes, of terror

from behind heroic eyelash gates, to steadfast loyalties

swimming within unimaginable, misery. She manages

to impart, a parting serenade for a lifetime of lullabies:


“if ever, you find yourself lost

oh, Cor Cordium of mine

before those savage monstrosities, you encounter

warp your innocence, into a Frankenstein existence

set your sail: for our lighthouse of love;

that I clasp tight, insuring it blazes bright

and within each pulsated breath

of my unwavering faith

it waits, endlessly

beckoning you home: night after night.”



© L. B. Mek

January 2019


  • orchidee

    A fine write LB.

  • Teddy.15

    L.B amazing, I've read this a few times, I come to the conclusion you have gone inside the mind of a hero and you have brought it out for us all to see, I also see a love letter.

    • L. B. Mek

      indeed, its like a glimpse of a dramatised scene
      pitifully trying to encompass
      all the varyingly - various, factors
      while trying to distil and decipher
      the chaos of that time/period
      by concentrating on just two individuals
      and using the impact on their 'love'
      as some feeble metaphor for the love
      of humanity, we should all
      admire and strive to preserve, especially
      when acknowledging/remembering/respecting
      what was sacrificed
      to gift us those everyday freedoms
      we take for granted, in our lives..
      (I really appreciate your overtly generous show
      of encouragement and support, dear poet
      the hardest element of creativity, for me
      is striving to challenge myself and not settle
      for that tried and tested formula, I know works
      so your kindness, helps me cement my choice to share
      a different type of write than I usually do
      thank you, it means a lot!

    • Neville

      I first visited these words quite a bit earlier today and having read them then, I made the conscious decision to wait a while before penning my response.. Mainly because I think they deserve more than a rushed or reflex kind of response ..

      Having now read through again and with a moment or two to reflect .. I am now of the opinion my initial thoughts were indeed not far off the mark ...

      In effect, I personally think these words of yours are more than a mere poem ..
      but seem to constitute something far greater and both more meaningful and practical ... and since they can be felt, whether read aloud or whispered ...

      I do believe you have penned a eulogy for every single one of those souls lost on and around that never to be forgotten D Day ...

      Respect ...


      • L. B. Mek

        I shall cherish this comment
        with more sincere intensity
        that you can ever imagine, dear poet
        paying respect to those who sacrificed
        their freedom, so we can experience ours'
        is a passion of mine
        and your comment far exceeds my wildest ambition
        for conveying those sentiments..
        pitifully, all I have to repay your kindness with
        are these words: and so I thank you
        wholeheartedly, my friend
        with the utmost sincerity

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