Call Me Naive


Call me naive,
because I love Jesus.
Call me naive,
because I believe God is true.
Call me naive,
because I stick to my faith,
with everything that I do.
Call me naive,
for who I voted for.
Call me naive,
for my political views.
Call me naive,
for how I see the world,
and because I don't always know,
the latest news.
Call me naive,
or call me close minded,
because I like,
to be left alone.
Call me naive,
or a horrible person,
because I have a mind of my own.
So call me naive,
for what I believe.
I know that I,
am not naive.
After seeing everyone else,
what I perceive,
is that no one else,
knows what to believe.

i also feel this way so i guess im naive to

the worlds view changes everyday
naive is what they say,you still believe in that old book,,follow a man dead two thousand years
but when the rapture comes and your left behind
scratching your head not allowed to leave
then you wonder who was naive

when the lord calls me home i will answer his call.gratefully to be kept from the devils fall.

Stopping the truck to watch a sheath of cottonmouths cross the road. Seth thought, “I could just run over this mess, but God probably didn’t go the trouble to make anything he doesn’t love so best let it be”

Call me Naive, but I believe in fairy tales, and happily ever afters, but God keeps me grounded

  • Authors: Dion P. Crown (Pseudonym), Crowns4Christ, Ron parrish, Jerry Reynolds, Dove
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  • Finished: June 17th, 2021 00:22
  • Limit: 6 stanzas
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  • Comment from author about the poem: This poem is definitely not my usual style of writing. Still, I think that this is how some people feel. Because they do not conform to this world, they are labeled as outcasts. As for the last few lines; I know not EVERYONE else is naive. Still, I hope you understand what I am writing. We as Christians (and not only as Christians) must remain steadfast to what we truely believe in. Persistence is key.
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