a suicide wind in a cardboard sky

a suicide wind in a cardboard sky

pry's into the core of earths compelling eye

a stroll through the lives of lifes upending grief

a canopy of snow where

merchants of a slow moving cancer

chances it's charm on the forearms muscle of tinned beef and boiled caviar;

a shot of love

an introvenus drip

licking the palms of a sculptured priest

as he fondles the balls of a muskrat high on his very own piss;

am merry and drunk on the poisoned skunks letters to an aging flame

as it burns with a receeding heirloom as a catcuss blossoms and blooms

as a circus child dances on the triangled squares in disenchanted rooms.

bloom and prosper within the walls of a sudden reprieve

please the erected metaphors of love minus defeat

in the heat of a sixtynine

suck my toes and swallow my dragon tail smile

talk with me a while

of when death became a smile and danced with a grieving gin

as my nose became a violin and a home for a safety pin;

never mind the bollocks

Johnny was a rotten scoundrel who dared to save our queen

I know what you meant

I know what you mean

when once I thought I found you

in a dark deserted bar

dancing on the night from star to star;






  • Jerry Reynolds

    Good one, D.M.

    • aDarkerMind

      thank you Jerry;
      am always pleased to read your comments.

      • Jerry Reynolds

        "a suicide wind in a cardboard sky" great image I can hear Niel Young singing it.

      • XIdlepoetX

        The title of this poem paints quite a numb feeling. The Sex Pistols are always great, and Heart of Gold by Neil Young is a staple on my life. He's such a cute, genuine man and songwriter.

        • aDarkerMind

          yes he is Jordan. and a big fan of punk and Johnny Rotten...
          and I am a huge fan of them both.

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