Through the plagues and Hearts

As the clocks ticks all that is heard is the heartbeats

As the rain falls upon us all that is heard is our thoughts

For who am I to change my world

For who am I to chase an ambition larger then earth

I travelled and cured the weak

so I could learn and rework my marks

But as my ambition grew so did my beating heart

But is this really alright?

Is this really a decision for me to make?

No words but the bottle

Just silence of closed doors

But as I dream I am intertwined to try with destiny

what is left is only a vial of blood


a heart of gold

But what if it all crumbles down?

What if the gheists starts to cry?

But as risk goes

it is a will to overcome the fears

So I studied the arts

I went from a local hero of a doctor


A plague bearer of selfish inner thoughts

Was it worth it?

The cost of souls?

The ashes is warm

Their voices as loud still

But even through all this

my mind was clear and my heart as stone

but I conteplmeted


wondered if I could have done more

so I went back to where it all started

puzzles pieces bringing it all back

So from blood I created

From ambition I made


from my soul

I made you

my wonderful child

from no mother to bare you

from an evil father to scare you

You are the happiest thing to be created

not an experiment

not a replacement

but a wish for a better future



So live my child

from the blood of your mother


the ambition of your father








because this is my present for you

as I'll be slain as the villain.


As I speak and as I sing

the clock finally stops to tick


I'm finally at peace.


  • Saxon Crow

    Really like the poem K. Dnd rocks!

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