A Question of Faith

If all tragedies of life
led to a path of warmth
there would be nothing
left to write about...


  • Saxon Crow

    Morning Teddy. I like this one a lot. There are so many ways you can view this poem and qll depend on your outlook in life. Brilliant

    • Teddy.15

      Dear Sax i'm so thrilled you enjoy my thoughts yes, there are many ways to view my poem, for me it was the fact that i find more talent in myself when i can write about my experience of life, it also makes me feel less alone. it's not all popcorn and unicorns thats for sure. thank you dear Sax

      • Saxon Crow

        Very true Teddy. Keeps this little planet of ours colourful and interesting

      • Jayasree

        So simple yet conveys so much.

        • Teddy.15

          thank you dear Jayasree, your visits are always so welcome.

        • Goldfinch60

          Much meaning in so few words Teddy.


          • Teddy.15

            thank you dear Andy i really appreciate you have enjoyed my work.

          • orchidee

            A fine write Teddy.
            Yes, we may be all comfy and cosy then. But would we become bored, etc, sooner or later?

            • Teddy.15

              thats the point if we were comfy what would we write about? thank you dear Orchi, by the way not that i'm a fan of pain of course!

            • dusk arising

              My bent on the negatives in life is to try to find the positives ahead in the new road. But i still find plenty to do my scribblings over when my muse isn't on holiday.

              Your piece today certainly gave my grey cells some exercise.

              • Teddy.15

                fabulous, Dusk i truly look forward to your grey cells coming back to life then. Thank you dear Poet.

              • Accidental Poet

                The inkwell of the heart always delivers no matter the subject. And you convey that perfectly here Teddy. ; )

                • Teddy.15

                  Wow you say it better than me dear A.P
                  I find it hard to express the deep meaning thank you!!!!

                  • Accidental Poet

                    Quite possibly you're trying too hard. Listen to your heart and let the words flow. You'll get it. If it doesn't come soon, walk away and come back to it later. Writer's block can last minutes or hours. ; )

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                  • Doggerel Dave

                    I get the contradiction, Teddy and a great little write....with, I can't help feeling, a bit of the tongue in the cheek....

                    • Teddy.15

                      A life time skill my dear Dave a life time skill.

                    • Jerry Reynolds

                      Well done, Teddy. You promised me a coffee laugh and you have surely delivered.

                      • Teddy.15

                        What? This is my serious muse!!! LoL tomorrow my friend I will post a fun one just for you. Most happy you are laughing. Thank you very much

                        • Jerry Reynolds

                          Can hardly wait.

                        • L. B. Mek

                          Poetry, at its surgically acute best
                          indeed, our wise Poetess
                          when we dream of 'infinity'
                          we seldom, take heed
                          of 'boredom's' problematic influence
                          in our finite lives;
                          imagine then, a life
                          where there is no 'achievement'
                          no 'overcome strife'
                          no scope of 'an Ending',
                          how drearily, troublesome
                          this fantastic painted image of reality
                          we fantasise over
                          within: that monotonous existence;
                          now, lets flip the script
                          and imagine, a finite existence
                          with limited scope for trust
                          dulled by a lack of hope
                          where the 'promised Ending'
                          fulfils a singular role
                          for anticipated relief
                          from all the struggle we put up with..
                          yup, that's why
                          'progressive' people walk around
                          glum faced, with white nailed fingers
                          gripping their chosen
                          socio-politic triggers,
                          that's why, fearmongering doom
                          is such an easy sale..
                          and that, is why:
                          write's like yours, today
                          are the small beacons of hope
                          that keep the rest of us
                          trudging-on, marching
                          to our rainbow unicorn
                          of childish stubbornness, convinced
                          there is a narrative of 'Good'
                          to tether our faith in humanity upon!
                          While questioning
                          every step
                          of our eventful: quest
                          to glean meaning, in that warmth
                          we're gifted
                          in a strangers embrace...

                          • Teddy.15

                            Good morning L.B such beautiful words you choose my friend. Thank you. Have a wonderful day

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