Joe Dawson

Catch the wind

Where to my love, my darling girl,

If I should have the means?

To take you anywhere you wish,

Beyond your wildest dreams?


Hot stuff at the check-in,

A film star cabin crew.

Your wish is their command my dear,

They’d move the world for you.


What silhouette might first I see,

As you depart the ‘plane?

Or might it be a rocket ship,

On a planet far away?


Your wildest dreams are wonder dreams,

No rules to bar the flight,

No runway that cannot be reached,

No wish to land denied.


What vehicle might you best select?

what colour, make and trim?

A sports car or a limousine,

A coupe to catch the wind?


Would you sit behind like royalty,

Or sit up front with me?

Your chauffeur for the journey,

Your guide to make-believe.


© Joseph G Dawson


  • Saxon Crow

    Really enjoyed this Joe

    • Joe Dawson

      I am so pleased, thank you very much. Joe

    • Teddy.15

      i would definately sit up front, i was smiling the whole way through Joe, what a romantic poem, my heart has nearly melted today. gush gush
      and the very best of wishes to your friend, may she or he get better very very soon, reading this will absolutely make their day. KUDOS

      • Joe Dawson

        A melting heart, now there's something to treasure, I am overwhelmed. I sincerely hope this does make her day, a smile I hear is a tonic, and I trust the above is too. Romance to lift the heart. Many thanks. Joe

      • Goldfinch60

        Very good words Joe, I too would sit up front to see the wonders of that dreamworld together.


        • Joe Dawson

          Thank you, you are very welcome sir, it is a ample front seat with plenty of accommodation and an unbelievable vista therefrom. Joe

        • Accidental Poet

          Save the back seat for later Joe. Great write. ; )

          • Joe Dawson

            Thank you, delighted you liked it. Joe

          • Laura🌻

            I’m definitely sitting “up front” in “A coupe to catch the wind” and totally enjoy the ride! You do have a way with your powerful pen. Your poetic words are heartfelt. Your poetic friend will read this exquisite poem and savor every word with gratitude, a smile and cherish the whole experience!

            Laura 🌻

            • Joe Dawson

              Thank you Laura, do you know, I don't know why, but I somehow think she will, in fact, I am certain she will. Lovely to hear from you. Joe

            • Laura🌻


            • Doggerel Dave

              Joe , I think after that she got well very quickly and she's off - if you drop everything , you might just catch her....
              Nice well constructed (as usual) fantasy.

              PS: Hope she indeed will be well very quickly.

              • Joe Dawson

                Thank you DD, I really hope so, my fondest wish is that she does, and very soon. Joe

              • Trenz Pruca

                I would sit up front with you. Good poem. Thank you.

                • Joe Dawson

                  Thank you, you are welcome on board. Joe

                • L. B. Mek

                  'Your wildest dreams are *wondrousness weaved*'
                  (please forgive
                  my impertinently overzealous nature, dear poet
                  I mean no disrespect, sincerely)
                  thanks for sharing a delectably sumptuous read

                  • Joe Dawson

                    The gem through which we view poetry has many facets, oftentimes, each one as polished as the one before. Thank you, 'delectably sumptuous' has made my day. Joe

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