The Enabler

The Enabler

You think you’re helping but you’re really not

You’re giving them the means to a disease you seem to have forgot

We do what we think is helping because we don’t want to see them suffer

But at the same time, we are causing them great discomfort

It’s not okay to enable, it's not okay to give in, these are the moments we need to relive

We need to stand up and take a bow, we need to give them guidance, we need to forgive

The outbreak of overdoses, the outbreak of suicides are becoming too much

Because we enable the people who seek something darker than an angel's touch

Just think about it when you give an addict some money

You don’t know what its really for, sex, drugs, or someone calling them honey

You don’t know what the next day is going to bring, if it even comes for them

We enable so we don’t lose hope of what we really seek

The day these people give up what's keeping them up creek

We enable because we can’t see them go through the withdrawals

By the time we realize we’re enabling, they will already be having their last call

We can give them another tomorrow, we can give them another chance

We need to put our foot down and give them a meaningful glance

This too shall pass, if we stop being the fuel to their fire

We have to guide them in the right direction, we need to give them a new desire

We enable because we can’t handle the truth

That someone we know, someone we love, is an addict

We need to enable a good sense of faith

Because if we keep enabling the bad paths, it’ll be too late

Stephanie Davis

June 2021


  • Doggerel Dave

    Good solid write there, Stephanie, good solid sound advice.
    I hope you don't mind the old light bulb joke (you've probably heard it):
    How many psychiatrists/psychologists/social workers etc does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: One - but the light bulb has got to want to change.

    • StephanieAnn

      I fully agree. This is facts beyond belief.

    • Saxon Crow

      Enabling and codependcy go hand in hand. A good poem Steph

    • jarcher54

      Your courage is palpable. I suspect many of us don't even know we are enabling. How did you find that new desire?

      • StephanieAnn

        As a recovering addict I just thought about what people were doing to try and help me and it made me realize that they weren't helping at all. So I decided to write about it in hopes that someone will realize that by giving someone money or other means to get their next fix or high isn't helping at all. If less people enabled there wouldn't be so many addicts. That's just how I feel about it.

        • StephanieAnn

          I also found that by not giving into the voices in my head I was given another chance. So now I spend my days crocheting, writing, singing, drawing. I put my urges and cravings towards something that can properly benefit me or someone else.

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