My world has been falling apart

That old house around me is crumbling

I am just waiting for the stars

To collapse too like I once did


I´ve been waiting for things to change

It started long ago without me seeing


Oh, how I begged for a positive outcome

Yet time seeks to take its payment


How come all I ever loved

And all I ever hated as well

Does not define who I am?


Who am I?

If not the person I once was?


Torn between the absolutes

I fail to see the truth

Maybe because there is none


How can I be objective?

When all I see is grey?


Death is crawling in those walls full of memories

We all forget one day

And I am scared of it


If love is just as fleeting

As everything else

How come I ever dreamt of it?


The world keeps spinning

Everything around us turns to dust

Yet we keep hoping and running

To find a way to „cure“ was isn´t meant to


Is it truly just me?

Am I slipping again?

Or is spirit opening my eyes?


I did not even cry this time

I just let go and it felt alright

Like nothing changed

Despite so much did


Is that the correct way to go?

Or am I just lying to myself?

But I see myself as honest


  • dusk arising

    All around us is newborn life and death. You have to work out where you are in the middle of it i guess.
    While you are still alive, be alive and live as much as you can. Dream of a good thing to come.

  • Goldfinch60

    Things do change in life and I am sure that the wonder of life is with you each day you arise from your bed as it does with me.


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