I´ve been thinking

About rewriting it all


Yet I fear I would reject my past with it


Is that even possible though?


If all is me

But none right now

How do I tell apart right from wrong?


Should I let the story be as it once was

Or try to correct it as it´s now?


Why did I never had a guide?

Would I have rejected it as they did with me?


Oh I feel so sick


Time makes no sense any more

Nor does any of those words I write


It feels odd

Like it was meant to be


I´ve been reminded to control my thoughts

Almost like this is a fresh start

But I fear once again the unknown


How can I go on without knowing

What´s waiting around that corner?


I should have learned by now

Or did I?


There is no answer, there never was

And god this makes me mad


I want answers

I demand them

All I get is silence

Deep down I know it´s right


Still, I can´t help but write

And write

And write

Until deep in the night


  • dusk arising

    Just keep writing your own and reading other peoples poetry on here. You'll find that relating to other peoples problems in their poetry will help you find your own answers. It works like that for so many poets.

  • Doggerel Dave

    Deep existential questions there. That you are questioning is more than a good start.
    You have the time - you'll get there.

  • Goldfinch60

    That writing will forever help in releasing you into a wonderful life Amy.


  • L. B. Mek

    keep searching, long enough
    and you'll soon be writing
    those same answers: you're questing;
    for they all exist, within you
    it just needs time
    to filter out all that futile doubt, of distraction
    to begin, hearing: your own truth,
    the real one!
    you'll be ale to tell the difference
    when you get there
    because then, all that clutter in your life
    will simply, step aside
    and clarity, will be yours to utilise: indefinitely!
    (that, or you'll be so tired
    you'll gain a good nights rest
    either way, introspection
    is a worthwhile endeavour, I suggest) lol..
    thanks for sharing a wonderful read
    thought provoking to say the least

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