Accidental Poet

We’re known as poets
The outer half of inner Muse
Turning lyrical wheels
The end result, a poem we seduce
Give it your all
From your deepest deep
That which moves your soul
The beauty of passion you keep

Poets like us at times hitch
a slow ride
on some passing ideal where
behind screens
another reality exists hiding
behind the norm.
glowing in an authentic light
with shadowy guides
waiting word-wisdom to share.

We are the poets
The bearer of the truth
Taking the pens as our swords
We invite all to a peaceful route
We sing for the mother nature
We sing for the hunger to feed
We sing for a sign of wonder
We sing for two hearts to meet.

My words are like whispers, to your unconscious mind,
Emotion infusion so you’re not left behind.
Expression addiction, they call poetry,
Putting words down on paper is my therapy.
Provoking emotion, my words make you feel,
The words on the paper, as if for you they are real.
Expression, emotion, and for no other gain,
Sharing with you, all the joys and the pain.
Am I a poet? I write verse for a cause,
My own piece of mind, so no need for applause.

I write like a river flowing beside grass
I do not try to make it perfect , adjust or edit
I just write words , which flow into me
they fall onto paper as I hear them within
then they stand confidently on paper
when I write I feel like my mind is free to express
I’m free to voice my words without a red light telling me to stop
I’m free to express and that’s what I like , the freedom, like wings of a bird
and it’s lovely when my words make others smile

some say
it comes from the heart
some say from the soul
but through my pen it gently flows
painting a picture from my mind it flows
on the paper as the painting grows maybe a top ten,,who knows

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  • Accidental Poet

    Great job everyone. Thank you for your input and time. And Bill, it's ok that it doesn't rhyme. You did a fine job. ; )

  • The elder poet

    This is very well written . Touching so many subjects . So many thoughts that go through so many minds.I have never considered myself a great poet. But I would like to think that people would enjoy my work. Like you said it might bring a smile. Sometimes a tear or a laugh. So I will keep writing. Thank you once again for sharing your poetry .

  • Loner poet

    This piece is amazing, I was away and couldn't participate but I love it

    • Accidental Poet

      That's ok, there will be others to take part in. Thank you for reading and your comment. 😉

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