A Plain Simple Answer

Is there a secret to life?
Is life a mystery?
Is there some, 'million dollar answer'?
Is there a key to success,
like so many people believe?
For those searching for this,
'million dollar answer',
I am sorry to say,
that you are wasting your time.
There is no secret to life.
Life is not some mystery.
There is no key to success.
The answer is plain and simple.
The answer to life,
is loving one another.
Some may say,
'That is easier said than done'.
... and that is true.
So what is the secret,
to loving one another?
Again, there is no secret.
The answer is plain and simple:
Jesus Christ.
Having Jesus makes us able,
to love everyone without thinking,
or without expecting,
anything in return.

Inquisitive and innocent
she asked her Mother
"Where you do find Love?"
My Dear, love is in my Hope Chest waiting to be found,
so the little girl searched for it here and there, and all around
She looked for it in her Mother's dresser, and behind every door
She searched every corner, and under the rug on the floor
She became exhausted and decided to look for it another time
Her Mother's Hope Chest was just too hard to find
The next day she searched all around her mother's garden
"Have you seen a Hope Chest?"the gardener replied "I Beg your Pardon?"
So She she looked in the garage to search where it could be
But all that she found inside was a spider and a honey bee
Finally she asked her mother " Is this some type of test?'
"Why can't I find it? Can you tell me where is your Hope Chest?"
"Silly Girl, my Hope Chest is deep inside of me"
I keep it here in hopes of setting my Love free"
"Why do you call it your Hope Chest" she asked with pride
I call it my Hope Chest because my love is locked inside"
We all humans Hope to love and be love in return you see
The trick is to find the right person who holds the key
" I love you Mother, and I have the key to your heart"
She Unlocked her Hope Chest and said" I love you too sweetheart"

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