What is the unit to measure yearning?

Vijaya Bhanu Kote

The question you have posed the other day had twisted my emotions and still keeps lingering inside my soul
In what units is yearning measured?
Should I say that there is no measuring unit for the most intense emotion you have mentioned?
Should I say that emotions are felt but not measured?
I tried to coin though futile
May be, it can be measured with the weight of the breasts of a mother which spill milk when she feels the hunger of her baby back home...
May be it can be measured with the depth of the gaze of the person who loves you to the core of the heart and waits for that moment to see you....
May be it can be measured with the pace of the breath that inhales and exhales your memories...
May be it can be measured with the softness of those palms that hold themselves tight so as to touch you....
May be it can be measured with the race of the heart that awaits your embrace....
May be it can be measured with that one single moment that brings in the best momentum of togetherness.....
I still fail in coining an exact word of unit though.....
May be it can be measured with the friction of a lump in the throat that keeps ears open to listen to your hands knocking the door!!!

  • Author: Vijaya Bhanu Kote (Pseudonym) (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 22nd, 2021 03:42
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  • rebmasters

    I love this. Philosophy, poetry and beauty intricately interwoven

  • L. B. Mek

    I think Rebmasters' comment, said it best
    wonderfully poetic, so much depth..
    thank you for sharing

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