The Yeses and The What-If Scenarios


Darling, if I admit how I feel, would you believe me?
If I told you what I have been storing within the depths of my being,
would you accept it?
Honesty and commitment have never been my forte,
but within your strong arms I have felt the comfort of your protection.
Once again, I allowed myself to feel and truly swallow the nectar of your heart, body, and soul.
Darling, your being has not only awakened the arousal of my deepest fantasies
but that of my encaged heart.
What you seek and require of me terrifies me to my core.
The fear of the unknown has always been washed away by
the beauty and darkness of the moonlight.
The darkness, the calmness and the emptiness have always aided my wounds.
The honesty you seek in me requires the abandonment of my comfort zone and battle scars.
The shield that has protected my guarded heart has been
cracking, crumbling, and breaking off in chunks
due to the consistency of the strikes of your passion.
My temper is passionate, and so are you
but our vibes tend to interconnect and clash when we are apart.
My analysis of our time together is thoughtful, and so are your eyes.
The magic that our bodies generate when our souls are weaved together is pure ecstasy.
But how can I indulge in what is not clear?
You, yes you sir, weren’t you the one who pushed us away?
When the sea was calm and the tides dissolved, my heart was able to find peace. 
I thanked you for the honesty you showcased.
But as an uncontrollable storm, you came back, 
shoving me between the waves of your own confusion.
We have always prided ourselves in the mutual respect of our bond 
without crossing unnecessary boundaries.
But a line was crossed, and unless you define what your lips had spoken, 
I refuse to release my heart from its cage.
To you, the words I miss you may seem simple to express,
but to me, it is the declaration of admitting I seek a possible future with you.
The what-if scenarios in my head bring me comfort and a world of possibilities.
Should I trade my imagination for your reality?
I need to taste your thought process; the deeper, the sweeter.
Together we might have a chance to unravel the intricate riddles of life.
But darling, my soul is on a budget, 
and I can’t afford to continue nourishing these never ending what-if scenarios.
The lack of communication between our unspoken entities will ruin our potential tomorrows. 
The tongue really is powerful, lets not only manifest our blessings into existence, 
but also do the work. 

  • Author: Clarita (Offline Offline)
  • Published: June 22nd, 2021 21:25
  • Comment from author about the poem: After two long years, I am able and willing to start writing again. When communication starts to fade, everything else follows.
  • Category: Reflection
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  • Saxon Crow

    Cool poem Clarita

  • Accidental Poet

    A thoughtful write Clarita. Hope it all works out for you and your love. ; )

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