Having hope

Want to be!

The holy creation is a mystery
However, it is, we don't know the history.
We know nothing but a little drop of an ocean
I am no one in existence but a part of the creation.
Sometimes I bore and sometimes I think
I want great adventures, why do I shrink.
I want to be a fighter, fighting against the violence
To destroy the sin of sinners, to destroy the ignorance.
I want to be a soften heart,
Full of kindness, full of love.
I want to be the food of hunger, in the age of human race
To become the reason of their pleasant and their smiling face.
I want to be the morning wind, to proclaim the hour
To let the world know that the day is near.
I want to be the water vapor, to reach at the top
Then a part of blissful rain, falling as a drop.
I want to be the lion, the king of the jungle
Or a bird above the clouds, flying like a eagle.

sky robins egg blue
single fluffy small white cloud
oh to be that cloud

I miss thee oh God as I try to eek out a life of grace
think of your words again as fields to be tilled
Are we (One) again dear Lord as the clouds of uncertain demain fold back to see once more your smiling face
Together as a flock with angelic angels and hosts thus shine down in sun beams unmasked with wisdom of grace
We thus return as always having to walk within your guide of walls that listen to words as gentle as snow
you have not given up on us nor we on you,
our faith thus glides us to join as home ,and never to let go


  • Thekkinkkattil

    I know a girl who wanted to be an apple tree To give away the apple all for free And live a life tension free

    • Having hope

      Can I know who is the girl?
      Is it you???

    • Thekkinkkattil

      Very frankly it was my little daughter

      • Having hope

        That's interesting 😃

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