Accidental Poet

Nice To Write With You

We write poetry
In the pages of MPS
We share our dreams
Visions of our Muse, more or less
Unintentional influence
Resulting as inspiration
Paying it forward
Combined admiration

We thus eek our words to begin a clue
long into the poetic? trail with a view
to sift through our thoughts so that others might hope and see
that we are poets all and poets we shall be.

I do not ask for beauty, nor do I ask for brains,
But if I could have a love with a good heart then I
Would be mightily satisfied. My faults are many,
But I do not wish to endlessly hear of them. Far
Better the sound of a kettle or a pan as I tip my
Pay packet into her apron and thus, as a means
Of escape, I write poetry in company with other
Poets, where more often than not kindly words
Reach my ears.

And yet it's strange to think that strangers here
Know us more intimately than the world out there.
So freely given our hopes, our dreams
Our deepest thoughts on what we need
But if i met you in the other world
Would i dare to be so bold
And tell you what i truly think
Rather than set my thoughts to ink

we write of love and we write of pain
feeling the emotions of our friends

This was no accident we all ended up here
Not much time to spear but a rhyme in the ear
To share with others what we may not dare
Makes strangers become friends and fear disappear
Leaving only inspiration in the atmosphere

A joy to write
And a joy to share
Friendly poets, full of flair
Reflections of heart
Refecting on time
Some poets free verse
Some of us rhyme

Ya meet some right good folk on yer
In the comment box we can confer
Some true stories
Some made up
Lots of veeeeery loooong words
Even the odd F###
Poems about husband,wives, uncles and aunties
Even poems about fallen panties
As a poet, bottom of ladder is where I be
The top, is a long away off, I see
Now I realy must dash
Cause it's time for my poetry class-h


  • Accidental Poet

    Awesome work everyone. Thank you all for your input. And O.A.P.. we're all @ the top. ; )

    • Canticle

      I saw the invites late!! Sorry y'all, I'd love to jump in the next one.

      • Accidental Poet

        Hope to see you there. ; )

      • The elder poet

        awesome poem.

        • Accidental Poet

          Thank you ep. Appreciate you stopping by for the read. 😊

        • yellowrose

          Great poem 🙂

          • Accidental Poet

            Thank you rose, Always appreciate your reading and compliments. 😁

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