L. B. Mek

Let our 99.9% of humaneness be: enough for us to Choose, Love




How much choice, do we affirm

within each embrace, of selflessness?

What difference, do we influence

between, happenstance and consequence

when we willingly concede, to acceptance?

Zero – Point – One: Percent!

That’s our DNA math for differentiation

a biologically numerical validation

to why some, delight at exploring

the new and untried, while accepting the reality

that, though we may have differences

ultimately, we all equate to the same: humanity.

While other’s proudly display

their fear of change

insuring, our invisible lines

of uniqueness, are warped

into battlefields for intolerance

and a legacy of divisiveness.

When, so little about us

can - divide us

why do we allow, for other’s

to dictate

what inclusivity equates: to us?


why not let that 0.1%


what we: Choose to Love!




© L. B. Mek

June 2021


  • Teddy.15

    i love love love this,

    • L. B. Mek

      and I'm so overwhelmingly humbled, dear Poetess
      how generous and forgiving you are with my feeble scribbles
      I thank you, sincerely!
      I cherish every ounce of kindness
      you choose to introduce into my life

    • Neil Higgins

      "though we may have differences
      ultimately, we all equate to the same: humanity"
      These words speak volumes LB.A great piece of writing.

      • L. B. Mek

        how very kind, thank you dear poet
        its the overstated and seemingly most straightforward
        we, as a collective/society
        seem to find, impossibly - improbable: to comprehend
        I find;
        always yearning for the divisively dramatical elements
        while belittling the simplicity of pragmatic inclusivity
        thereby - forever being 'trigger' attuned/warped
        to the fearmongering tricks
        that keep us, in-conflict
        generation after generation
        with the only change being
        the 'subject/basis'
        of our so-called disagreements...

      • aDarkerMind

        occasionally, I may be lucky enough to stumble across something far beyond anything I have ever read.
        and today, I have done just that!
        I salute you L B Mek;

        • L. B. Mek

          that genuinely means a lot
          coming from a Poet as gifted as you
          with wholehearted: sincerity, I humbly
          thank you!
          (now, if only I could just write a genuine poem
          once in a while) lol

        • Neville

          No one in their write mind could possibly fault the ethos, inspiration, mathematical equation or message contained herein .... I love the format too ..


          I just hit the new heart shaped button so hard I had to replace the keyboard ...................... Neville

          • L. B. Mek

            no wonder my heart - stuttered, over the weekend
            here I thought it was just that wondrous 4-0 shoreline...
            thank you, my most respected and vaunted friend
            mere words never seem to be enough
            to express our gratitude, sometimes
            but meaningfully that's all we even need
            if we ink them with sincerity...

          • Jerry Reynolds

            Good write, L.B.
            We spoke of this before how some days somehow a group of poets though separated by miles and years somehow pick up the same thesis and run with it.

            • L. B. Mek

              that's one of the most
              addictive elements of Poetry, I find Jerry
              genuinely, how we can read
              like minded words and thought's
              miles and centuries apart from each other
              yet, find them expressing such similar opinions
              in a way that's so refreshingly diverse
              and uniquely luminous;
              what a privilege it is to traverse this life
              armed with that insightful gift of Poetry
              may it never - fail us, and we - betray: it!
              thank you my wise friend

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