Pretty Penny

A king with a throne told me I’m home 

This castle I’m in, holds no fairytale but grim 


A lamb to their slaughter, I was once a daughter 

Now a stranger to many, for a pretty penny 


Pull at my string and this puppet shall sing  

For this routine avoids their guillotine 


Life before this now feels cruel to of exist  

Settlings of dust my only celebrated plus 


Another treasure in their chest, continually taken is my best  

hoping for a savior, will have death see me favor  


For their iron has branded me, much too thickly  

The girl here before, lies under this floor 

numbing by the day, with each pretty penny they pay 


A king with a throne told me I’m home 


Copyright © evocativepoetry 


  • Accidental Poet

    I'm immediately reminded of the Liam Neeson movie "Taken" . Well written. ; )

    • Catgotthecream

      Hello again! Do you know, during the time I wrote this that film did not cross my mind, strange as re-reading it now, I feel it fits the picture perfectly. Thank you for reading and commenting!

      • Accidental Poet

        Very emotional movie as is your poem. You did a great job of it.

      • Doggerel Dave

        Another unspeakable issue which MUST be spoken about, Cat.
        A skilled piece from a practiced poet - so please don't try to claim beginners status. 😊

        • Catgotthecream

          Hi again! Thank you for reading another piece of mine. I would love to think myself a practiced poet, it is warming to hear you think so! Thank you for your kind words.

        • L. B. Mek

          'A lamb to their slaughter, I was once a daughter
          Now a stranger to many, for a pretty penny

          Pull at my string and this puppet shall sing
          For this routine avoids their guillotine'..
          genuinely, this brought tears to my eyes
          because in your poignant choice, to word it so light
          somewhat breezy and sing-song - in tonality
          you've: hammered home!
          just how blatantly
          this vile practise, is allowed
          to continue...
          surely, above all else
          after a century
          of so-called woman's progression, in society
          that every, political leader
          doesn't treat this plague
          as a fundamental anchoring policy
          to centre their campaigns on, is a screaming
          cry of the hypocritical absurdity
          that is our collective: modernity...
          what a write!
          how harrowing, sobering and infuriatingly
          penetrative: a subject/ a topic
          how justly and with refined dignity
          you've worded your battle cry:
          so heartachingly Poetic!
          a privilege to read your words, dear Poet
          humbly, I thank you

          • Catgotthecream

            Thank you so much for the feedback on my poem! It means a lot to me that you have thoroughly connected with the words I wrote. When writing this poem "A lamb to their slaughter, I was once a daughter" was the first line I wrote for it and it was centered around that. My favorite line is the routine/guillotine, I think it cements home the intensity, of the situation.

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