A million apologizes

A million apologizes


 In these dark and heavy ceremonies of humanity,

One can’t say what one can feel

Only shift within a plause of living...

Like the black goat shunned by it’s idealogic, indifferences of uniquenity.

Because of unique trail bounded O’ by fate, can’t never escape

Your warmth which I had long longed for.


Each second of your words became my history of libraries,

Each smile of your honesty is incurable, unbearable, excludable.

Cause of our differences, I was afraid to be a fool

So I chose the irrationally route, a safer path by which I only diminished my cleverness.

Been so far only living in dreams and fantasy, never really living the real world,

And reasons stand by you in the real world, so I tried and only caused grief.


If this heart bears immense of innocence, I can only ask forgiven

By the sincere heart of mine...

Truth be told, noticing the destiny of our path

Felt as fell from the sky of heaven, where God will deny our relation.

Fear as I am, avoided for what to be a curse

Why I said to broken you half, only for good’s sake,

But not only did I countdown the curse,

Foolishness became myself and instinctively hated by thy kindness.


Admitted by the darkness of Ragnarök and the light of Valhalla,

Wishful as I am, wished to be the warrior

Where this innocence can lean on thy shoulder,

And honor should be these blessings.

So must I ask once more again...

Will the scarlet tree gives this unblossoming fruit

A second chance, to make amends.

Sincerely, Wamua Lee

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