L. B. Mek

With a ball at their feet



blades of grass bow in revere
in deference, to a pulsating metamorphosis 
of leather-bound orb symmetry’s: captivating majesty  

tip’s tap teasingly
toes tempered thrusts,
feet finesse fearlessly
frantic feverish fun

heart thunders electricity
passion, igniting immersed dedication 
artistry of acrobatic ankle - precision
creativity of complexity’s exquisite - simplicity,

drenched in exertion’s rains
lungs flaming breathless - in delight
bright eyed - aliveness, with instinctive zeal 

achievement goal’s rewarded with a solitary 
glove muffled clap - in a muddied park, or mass crowds 
exploding in stadia: releasing, hushed anticipation 
and drowning, moment of conceptualised ambition  

freedom, immortalised in sporting feats of self-expression
exhilaration’s triumphs as testimony to bewitching realisation 
revealed effortlessly: within each moment spent
with a ball at their feet


© L. B. Mek
September 2018


  • Jerry Reynolds

    Great write, L.B.
    Tribute to football. "Go England"

    • L. B. Mek

      oh well, they gave it a good go
      and managed to put a few smiles
      on our weary faces, that alone
      is an achievement, worthy
      of our appreciation!
      (If we could find a way to get players
      practising penalty's: in the womb
      we'd be just fine) lol
      thanks Jerry

    • Neil Higgins

      Although English,I have Irish blood in me,and have Italian friends.So all I will say is:
      "tlachd às an geama ball-coise"
      "goditi la partita di calcio"

    • myself and me

      A fantastic writing.

      • L. B. Mek

        thank you, how very kind

      • Neville

        that's football for ya .. the beautiful game so Pele once said .. and I reckon you just about covered it perfectly here L.B.

        Neville 🙂

        • L. B. Mek

          well gota go with flow
          and get into the spirit of things
          now & again, especially since
          it might be another 55 years
          till our next Wembley final... lol
          (let us indulge in our fantastic dreams
          whilst we still can, for when we wake-up
          we quickly realise, that reality - rarely
          offers us: a helping hand!)
          thanks for the encouraging words my friend

          • Neville

            ... absolutely L.B .... shame tho .. I dont have a clue what to do with this bottle of Dom Pérignon 🙂

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          • SureshG

            Truly poemed by a Fan

            • L. B. Mek

              more like a 'Fanatic' in my younger days; lol
              I appreciate all sport, but football
              had a special place in my life for a long time
              and my loyalty, shall ever - remain
              unwavering, till the end.
              thanks for the insightful comment, dear poet

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