one in a million

one in a million



eight thousand advance the cause of humankind, 

rest, as beast of burden, of restless mind,

to feed the system, without cause or reason,

of little importance, a global lesion


in historical times, the more the merrier,

producing offsprings, to lessen the barriers,

colonization for wealth and free labor,

self propagating, to meet unwarranted favor


human race has gone rampart,

acting, as if, without a heart

there’s only one earth, not a zillion 

must realize, we are only one in a million


  • Poetic Dan

    Wow, so fantastic I read it twice although mankind has always be "rampant" from my walk of life, but I'll break my own chains because this was a one in a million chance!

    Inspirational stuff again!

    • SureshG

      Generously, thank you

    • Neville

      math was never my forte but I think maybe you are write ........

      • SureshG

        Present population 8 billion (ie. 8000 x 1 million), if eight thousand are relevant, the rest are only one in a million.
        Sorry, I should have clarified it in the notes, but thank you, as always, for your visit.

      • Fay Slimm.

        A powerful write Suresh with a needed warning - there really is "only one earth" and agree wholly that "the human race has gone rampant" with even more heartless behaviour in recent times.

        • SureshG

          it will be nice to take a pause. thank you.

        • Doggerel Dave

          Malthus was giving it to the world in the 18th century, but did anyone listen? In a world which needed more cannon fodder to fight wars, more consumers to consume and increase profits….. You’ve just stirred me up Suresh, and I could blast away for pages and cause MPS to go into lockdown… or breakdown… or something
          Thanks for….

          • SureshG

            Thank you for introducing me to Malthus, and I briefly read his opinions, and didn’t realize how closely I relate to them. This poem was based on those principle opinions. We can still change the trajectory before we are forced to take drastic measures

            • Doggerel Dave

              Cheers, Suresh - perhaps 'we' can change the trajectory, though I am not very sure that 'we' will, at least not until famine flood and fire have half done the job for us.

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