Beneath the maple tree you sit, 

Where the birds tweet. 

Lost in the rythum of,

Your violin so sweet. 

The strings you pulled, 

Belonged to my heart. 

It made me want to carve on your wall,

The tales of my dream so small. 

Eyes open no matter close, 

When I behold your gust. 

I see the pied poetry, 

Studded by the pixy dust. 

If you think you are nothing, 

Just thrust into me with panachè. 

Let me whisper in your ear, 

Our journey up-to the bier.

No I am not the shore,

Neither the ocean. 

I am not the beast, 

Nor am the beauty. 

I strived in the horizon, 

That you knew was a haze. 

Yet you ran after it,

And in turn chased my core blaze. 

It just took your one touch, 

For our bodies to align. 

Loosing in me you made me,

The rythum of your mind. 

The moment we blend, 

I threw my haze away. 

Your words:

"... you are my ocean and shore, 

Where I'll drown yet corner. 

You are my beauty and beast, 

With whom I'll rise and fall.

Till the end of cosmos... "

Your every word, 

Made all the nerves in my body, 

Burst into life. 

And now I know that, 

You are bestowed upon me, 

Like the rains in my drought, 

And my thirst for words. 

Like the beat of my heart, 

And my tune for love. 

You said I am the answer, 

To all your prayers. 

I say you are the answer, 

To all my being. 

'Cause the minute, 

We fall off the cliff of love, 

This world sparkles up, 

With our fireworks. 

So today, 

If you want to leave, 

I won't let you. 

I know you are broken, 

And I am not the one to heal you. 

But remember? 

You made me the note, 

To the music of your soul. 

And so I will compose, 

The lyrics of our love. 

You doubt your worth for me, 

Look in the mirror of my eyes and you'll see, 

The home of your heart in me...

Beneath the maple tree now, 

The bright birds tweet. 

Lost in the rythum of,

Our love so sweet. 

You tugged at my heart line, 

I am going to make you forever mine. 

The End. 


  • yellowrose

    powerful words and so beautiful ... very engaging read !🙂

  • Saxon Crow

    Beautifully written

  • peto

    Welcome to the site
    Powerful start
    I like that you have truth in your name
    As it leaks into your write
    Thoroughly enjoyed

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