Joe Dawson

Love me or Lose me...

Smouldering eyes, siren eyes, divine eyes,

Half-smile eyes. They will scorch your heart,

Burn your bridges, sink your boat, melt your

Heart. Recovery is impossible; one look and

Your fate was sealed forever. Never knowing

For sure what happened that night; blinded

Like a rabbit in the road, hypnotised, mystified,

Stopped in your tracks eyes, never to be free

Again eyes.


Wherever you go her eyes will go with you,

Unforgettable eyes, fortune cookie eyes, got

Your name inside eyes. Take her face in your

Hands and look deep into her eyes and you

Will see yourself held there between heaven

And earth or Heaven or Hell let your heart be

The judge; for she will take no prisoners; it's all

Or nothing with eat-you-alive eyes.


Close your eyes to sleep and they will wake you,

Warm eyes, cold as ice eyes, make up your

Mind eyes, come to bed eyes, shoot you dead

Eyes. Can you do this, are you man enough;

Up to the job of loving a real woman for the

Sheer joy of belonging to longing eyes, wanting

Eyes, loving eyes, squeezing eyes, teasing

Eyes, pleasing eyes - and oh yea, love me

Or lose me eyes.


© Joseph G Dawson


  • Accidental Poet

    Powerful write Joe. ; )

    • Joe Dawson

      Thank you AP, I appreciate your visit. Joe

    • Having hope

      Like is so much dear Joe ❣

      • Joe Dawson

        Thank you so much, lovely to hear from you. Joe

      • Thekkinkkattil

        WOW you have really come up all sorts of eyes ,loving and teasing eyes are the cutest Like it

        • Joe Dawson

          Thank you, I appreciate your visit very much. Joe

        • Goldfinch60

          God words Joe, may those always see her.


          • Joe Dawson

            Thanks Andy, I seem to have an eye for this sort of thing. Joe

          • Neil Higgins

            Know exactly what you mean Joe.Why is it you can be in a crowded room,full of people,yet at some point,you can glance around,and "one pair of eyes" are transfixed on you,and although you may be talking to people near by,you "stare" at those eyes,and the two of you "seem" to have a connection.
            At least,that's how me and my other half met.I often ask her "about that time", and although she "ribs me" and says " in your dreams mate" 🤣 I know it's so true.
            Another fine piece of writing Joe.

            • Joe Dawson

              Thank you Neil, the eyes are a mystical force, possessed of a way of communicating love without saying a word. Joe

            • L. B. Mek

              an eye opening perspective
              to the limitless potential for creative expression
              utilising imagery: of eyes..
              thanks for sharing, an intriguing read

              • Joe Dawson

                Thank you, I truly appreciate your visit and your words in support of the above - I am most grateful. Joe

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