Joe Dawson

I'm your wife

She dipped her pen in soulful ink,

Through tearful eyes she tried to think,

What should she write, is there still time?

Are words enough to change his mind?


She wrote in lines of tearful prose,

A broken heart in party clothes,

A silly kiss, a dance floor dare,

What fibster told such lies unfair?


The story false, spread by mischief,

There was no dark end of the street,

No press against a cold stone wall,

No truth in all these lies at all.


You must believe, you know me well,

False truths and lies I do not tell,

I have not, would not, play that game,

You know that I'm not made that way.


One silly kiss was all it was,

Would you let that destroy our love?

For if you would you're not the man,

I thought you were, I thought I had.


Come home to me right now my love,

We'll face the truth, we'll show them up,

My lips, my arms, my heart, my life,

Are yours forever - I'm your wife.


© Joseph G Dawson


  • Accidental Poet

    A rare gift these days to see through the eyes of another Joe. Excellent write my friend. ; )

    • Joe Dawson

      Many thanks AP, yes, there are so many prisms to look through, so many worlds other than my own. It's something of a break to explore the fortunes of another. Thanks again. Joe

    • Goldfinch60

      Very good write Joe, trust can so easily be broken.


      • Joe Dawson

        Indeed it can my friend and all too often. Many thanks. joe

      • Thekkinkkattil

        Mischief and lies so fast and can break lives a very good poem nicely crafted

        • Joe Dawson

          Yes, mischief and lies; instruments the world would do well to live without. Many thanks. Joe

        • Neil Higgins

          A superb write Joe.And if I'm reading correctly,I'm sure we've all been the victims of gossip,all because of some innocent brief encounter in the past.

          • Joe Dawson

            Too true Neil, there will be few who have escaped the proceeds of a wagging tongue, brief encounters too, are often only seconds away from instant recall. Many thanks. Joe

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