The butterfly and the pebble

Butterfly , are you made of peaceful pebbles 

resting on the sand , by the sea 

you could well be pebbles loving every moment by the sea 

within you there is a pearly lightness 

a dance is on your wings 

you rest on a flower but you live by the sea


pearly pebbles are a part of you 

I see a friendly shine as you move around the sky 

pausing on flowers and dancing with your wonderful wings 

you cause a light joy in those who see you 


you dance from flower to flower 

as if you were a shiny pebble 

enjoying moments by the sea


you have your wings unlike the true pebble who sits and ponders oh why me 

can’t I be a butterfly 

and can’t I take a step away from the golden sand and grow wings 

oh why me , happy being by the sea in settled days 

but I can’t hide when the sea crashes towards me 

I can’t grow wings and move to a nicer place for me 


the pebble is content in its shiny Pearl like manner 

but unhappy when the sea crashes


the butterfly has pebbles living within

lucky her that she has wings  

two in one , butterfly and pebbles combined 


the pebble is envious 




  • dusk arising

    What an inventive mind you have. I shall worry now that a butterfly will drop a pebble on me.

    • yellowrose

      I’m sure she won’t . I guess the butterfly may have a shine within ... just like that of a shiny pebble .

      Thankyou dusk arising 🙂

    • Fay Slimm.

      Another beautifully gentle portrayal of what your caring mind sees in nature -- a lovely read Rose

      • yellowrose

        Thanks Fay 🙂 butterfly’s are beautiful .,, I think they look so light and friendly . Appreciate the comment

      • Neville

        simply beautiful dear yellowrose .. muchly enjoyed .............. 🙂

      • Neil Higgins

        Rose.This really is outstanding work.A very very pleasant read.

      • jarcher54

        I'm a little jealous of the flutterby myself, though not when the lorry comes along out of nowhere. But I would love to be able to escape the crashing rogue waves.

      • Goldfinch60

        Fine words yellowrose, may the beauty of pebbles and butterflies be forever with you.


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