Neil Higgins

The Walk

Was I sent to be alone in this ramble.
Alone with my thoughts neath trees and bramble.
Perhaps to seek the daylight spawn of shining sunshine glory.
keep me wording then to do the things I may ask.
May my thesis enlighten my task.
Make me have wisdom on my journey this day.
To wander the way of boot stride path.
And keep me strong when thought flow aggrivates into wrath.
When stars shining the heavens,
may not look quite right.
Make me humble in prayer and wise.
Maybe this calling came spirit lead from supernatural ties.
Make me cope through the eyes of a child,
even though I am a simple soul.
As raindrops fall as tears from a cloud burst toll.
Let me have wisdom to succeed when tired,
and be oh so proud.
To unburden my memory chide of doubt,anguish and vocal sound. 
Always to be clear from self learned and taught.
And thus keep me from any giddy thought.
I am wandering with aspirations and with focused eyes,
to read the clues not as a fumbling man.
but as an agnostic spirit,
to record and formulate a plan.


  • yellowrose

    Engaging read 🙂 I liked reading your words ...

  • Neil Higgins

    Thank you so much Rose.
    It is a reflective piece that I wrote when in the countryside last year.

  • orchidee

    I never knew there was so much to walk! Well, I know now. lol. Good write Neil.

  • Neil Higgins

    I tend to go off on one when alone in my thoughts,and before I know it my notebook goes AWOL.
    Thank you for reading and the compliment my friend.

  • Saxon Crow

    I love rambling like that, especially the moment you realise you do it because it seems like two minds are in one body. Nice one Neil

  • Neil Higgins

    Thank you SC
    It is strange how when writing something,I often wonder where on earth those words came from.As you say,two minds?
    I think my Consultant would have a field day with me 🤭

  • The Uneducated O.A.P

    Great words there Neil, you're worried about what your consultant might think? You wanna hear what my physiatrist says! Lol

    • Neil Higgins

      I like this quote by John. Cleese
      One of our professors described a lecture as 'a mystical process by which the notes on the pad of the lecturer pass on to the pad of the student, without passing through the mind of either.
      Just saying 🤔

      • The Uneducated O.A.P

        Lol, I haven't heard that before, but I like it.😀 Fawlty Towers was his finest hour.

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      • hotidris

        Beautiful poem about you wandering with aspirations and with focused eyes.

        • Neil Higgins

          Many thanks my friend.
          Glad you enjoyed the poem.

          • hotidris

            You're welcome, Neil.

          • Goldfinch60

            May that plan be formed and you move forward into that good life.


            • Neil Higgins

              Thank you Andy.You are very kind.

            • Teddy.15

              It doesn't get more reflective nor poetic than this, inspiring to say the least Neil. Loved every last line.

              • Neil Higgins

                As always you are so very kind.Thank you Teddy,your comments are very appreciated.

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