Neil Higgins

Ethenol Molly

Standing neath thy old and split oak.
Where branches sway and finger longed *tarry.
Maybe the swirl of smoke and mist doth kiss weasels love of carry.
Thine leaves do fall upward and out of grounds such reach.
As the sky itself does loop and follow the way of yesterday folly.
Clouds angry and deceased doth spite magic with the thoughts perhaps of Ethanol Molly.
A witch they said dead since 1652.
But doeth this date have such a clue.
Witches brew doth taste of ale and mixture.
Mixed they said by Molly at dawn,
neath the bracken and mouldy unkempt born.
To smite the living and the dead.
Fire and storm and rain and tasteless sauces doth fall from the heavens to kiss the floor with echoes of hell fire knife.
To behold a maelstrom past echo of strife.
Birds do fly backwards as crows sniff nectar on the flowers.
All the bees are dead and thus confined to trampled beneath feet so fled.
Yet here in this bubble zone of macabre and misunderstanding,
there were many lost souls me thinks,
a hanging via the other trees close by.
And soon to look and take stock and with wisdom where the angels greet.
Who upon orders were sent to free all this carnage and trample miseries treat.
Yet of Ethenol Molly,
she had burst into flames all those centuries ago.
Still a lost soul and playing no harp,
but hiding neath the fleas,
and whispering to those that hear,
"Another flagon of ale,my dear"

*Tarry: Linger.
*Ethanol: A volatile, flammable, colourless liquid.


  • Neville

    ..........sounds like the kinda lass Mr. O might be interested in making the acquaintance of ............... 🙂

    wot a great old tale told and told terribly well ........................... 🙂

    • Neil Higgins

      Witches brew.Had a few of them in Somerset and Devon Neville 🤢

    • Fay Slimm.

      A scare of a read Neil -- your words sent a shiver into my fancy for any witches brew - -- - you tell a tale with fervour my friend.

      • Neil Higgins

        Thank you Fay.
        Was very tongue in cheek,but would not like to meet Molly,alone in a wood,on a cold November night 😱

      • Doggerel Dave

        Do I have to be inflicted with this stuff just when I'm about to go to bed? (Molly, please no - not tonight, I'm not in the mood...).
        Atmospheric to say the least, Neil.

        • Neil Higgins

          Dave.Thank you.I had a good laugh when writing this.Names are very important.I knew she was called Molly,but what else?
          Ethanol came into my mind,as it does.And so she was born.
          Thanks for reading and commenting my friend.

        • Saxon Crow

          Love this one. Always up for a story poem. It would be great if she actually existed lol
          Nice one Neil

          • Neil Higgins

            No SC 😱
            To be honest,Hammer House Of Horror,did enter my mind before penning this.I must be weird,because I had belly ache from laughter when watching most of these.Of course the great Christopher Lee as Dracula was the funniest comedian ever in my book.
            Fangs for reading anyway my friend.

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