Incognito Poet

One Day

One day you will stop,
From the life you carry on,
You would no longer be on top,
And secretly you will be gone,
You will cry and cry and cry more,
For the reason of your break,
One day you won't be able to cry anymore,
For the world who is fake,
You will scream and scream and scream more,
For the people who don't understand,
One day you won't be able to talk anymore,
And be silent everywhere you'll stand,
You will try and try and try more,
For you and only you,
One day you won't be able to dream anymore,
For the lonely world sacrifices you'll do,
You will laugh and laugh and laugh more,
For the happiness you'll feel,
One day you won't be able to smile anymore,
And the pain would never be healed,
You will fall and fall and fall more,
But you should know how to grow,
One day you won't be able to rise anymore,
And you will die with your luck on your brow,
World will make you drive crazy,
With rumors and talks,
Your life weather may become a lil hazy,
But never stop the time in your clocks.

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