Oscar Gonzalez


To imagine such things with vivacity.
To be able to see things with transparency.
As if looking on a cloud dreaming day full dreams.

Creatively looking from the perspective of a cloud,
Looking on the world in it's grandiosity.
Twirling in a vast galaxy,
Accompanying it's dance, 
The moon shining so glamorously.

People living life seemingly uncaring of the world's fragility.
Moving around like ants in their monotony.
Humanity must find a way to transcend in humility.

Imagine a world where peace reigned free.
People living in harmony, as if dancing on the clouds like tendrils on the wind.

Thinking of the achievement of enlightenment.
Falling from the heavens like rain so carelessly.
To meet the rivers, ultimately finding the ocean,
To fulfill our dreams.

Creatively using imagery to fulfill this theme.
Finding peace in accomplishing my task in writing poetry.
I give you imagery.
By: Oscar Gonzaléz


  • Sam Wolf

    Very nice I really enjoyed
    "People living life seemingly uncaring of the world's fragility"
    For some reason I believe that to be very true 👍

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