Jack Cohen

From the Corner

It's in the corner again,
the thing from my dreams.

Why does it stand there,
what does it mean?

I ask what it wants,
it gives no reply.

Just standing and staring,
with its cold white eyes.

It lifts its arms,
reaching for me.

Impossibly long,
I try to flee.

But it grabs my legs
from across the room.

It pulls me close,
its figure looms.

I think its speaking,
its whispering strange words.

Closer and closer,
trying to be heard.

I shut my eyes,
clasped my ears.

When I opened them,
it had disappeared.

The sun had risen,
its rays peaked through my window.

Only the marks of its hands,
did my skin show.

I had survived another night,
had escaped from the horror.

Of the latest visit,
from the thing in the corner.


  • jarcher54

    Glad you escaped... this time! Nice little adventure you took us on.

  • Saxon Crow

    A good poem. I enjoyed it very much

  • dusk arising

    Great stuff! Well composed and very entertaining.

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