Love is a strong word, but we continue to use,
When confused, the word hate, appears, and consumes,


A true fact, Jehovah gave his only begotten son,
Still we wrong everyday, and he's yet to hate us once,


A passion of dislike, to others when mad,
But he told us to love our neighbors, and to hate what is bad,


So what's bad, or negative, either...or it's still done,
The person that applied actions, that can't be undone,


Not a tab, or some, could give you relief, So the goals you've set, unable to reach,


But there is a way, instead of feeling replenish,
But never think God's gone, or Jehovah is missing,

He's there waiting, for your cry for forgiveness,

To admit that your wrong, to ask for repentance,

Get away from earthly desires, that Satan made unsafe,
And finally live with love, in paradise, Jehovah made,

Well the chance is still there, if right decisions you make,
The problem simply can't go, but it can be replaced,


Now you have a choice, to turn, or face,
Either Love, or live with this system called Hate...

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